The Clipper Hystory

In 1995 a group of enthusiasts, driven by the growing interest aroused by the development of Malpensa airport, began moving to a cultural aeronautic through a series of activities focused on routine movements of the airport and founded in Legnano "Clipper", Italian Association of Friends of Aviation.
The activities mainly guided by the theme of photography commercial aircraft, which had for some time now flourishing throughout the world, through the exchange of slides having to subject the liveries of different models of aircraft for most of the groups existing Air Navigation.
The fans, in fact, began to gather along the fence networks of the major Italian airports to observe and photograph takeoffs and landings of every type of plane. Also began to move to other airports abroad to hunt for specific aircraft liveries hardly observable in Italy.


In the photo of activities, is believed to enhance the idea by organizing other events. Conferences, meetings and visits to farms Aeronautical allowed promoters to identify new themes and goals.
Each witness collection was useful for identifying the numerous steps to gather technological and human experiences that from the beginning of the century marked the continuous progress of the Italian air force in this province has had its greatest expression.
One of the ultimate goals are outlined course during the various activities and was what constituted the collective interest to discover, in the pure aesthetic, which was the level reached in terms of comfort and reliability, the Civil Aeronautical Company, While recognizing, in any case, the military indisputable merits of the testing materials and advanced technologies.
The Italian Association of Friends of Aviation has set itself, therefore, to bring together fans of commercial aviation, to promote the dissemination of general knowledge of the flight and enable all concerned to approach this area in a gradual, but especially in a strictly simple and understandable.
Also dealt to organize, consistent with the planned security procedures, rallies and visits under the Airports so-called "interesting" to observe closely the activities of call in with the aircraft taxiing, landing and taking off.
The most significant of the association, there was also to disseminate internal two publications: "Winglets" and "Transponder." The first is a small almanac of the most beautiful images that our associates are sent to the office during the year. The second is a piece of connecting monthly color, which updates on various activities planned on numerous Airlines, their movements and other interesting news about technology.
The outside activities were the most interesting. Visits to major Aeronautical Company completed during the first years of life (Officine Aeronavali of Venice Tessera and Airbus Industries in Toulouse in 1996), have been a real test for the organizers, in identifying different expectations almost 150 members of the first year of activity.


The birth of Clipper involved a significant organizational commitment for a number of reasons. The initiative was the only of its kind in Italy, so he must create from scratch a broad social activities.
This program had to suffer during the first period of activity, some changes, as it had satisfy, if possible and consistent with the main aims of the association, the most diverse needs of members.
In particular, the main purpose of was to observe from outside airports, as already mentioned, ground movements and aircraft in transit. This observation, and for the enthusiast is the cornerstone of his presence on board runway, is made more challenging by doing photographic and radio receivers tuned to the frequencies aviation. The photographic subject in the plane is landing, taking off or taxiing, preferably free of any means or airport facilities.
Many difficulties had to overcome EU's reassuring to the airport to the advantage of the fact that this new board track activities, already established and recognized at other airports overnight, supported by purposes only hobby - cultural. Indeed, following several meetings that began with representatives of various institutions, encouraging "signs of openness" came when the airport management company SEA Milan openly showed his willingness to assess some of our interesting and innovative proposals.
These proposals were also treated and over again during the many meetings that were held in various rooms, for the opportunity granted by municipalities to Varesine Verghera of Peterborough and Guildford. It was significant about the conference theme of "Deregulation", which was held in the spring of 1997 at the Press Club in Milan. At the event, sponsored by SEA, attended by directors of various companies for air navigation and illustrious names of Italian Civil Aviation.
The first spotter expression edition began with the publication of a bimonthly 16-page pocket-sized format A5 color on glossy paper, addressed to subscribers, called "Winglets", which were reproduced images of aircraft deemed "interesting" to aesthetics, technology and reliability, but also historic aircraft still in service, even if operating with an age of respect.
At the same time it was established a liaison sheet format A4 b/n entitled "Transponder", with which members maintained a more direct and immediate with the organization.
It not only constitute an indispensable news that appeared the most recent Airline, addressed technical matters - aeronautical community interest.
The experience was positive and suggested to continue the internal publication of the paper and in January 1998, unexpected news for all involved, "Transponder" changed graphics and was built in A / 3 color.
The change he found great satisfaction for the fact that Associates is even more valued saw their photographs sent to the office.


On the eve of the expiry of the first 8 years of membership has grown against any forecast little attractive, consolidation activity has happened because with a sense of immediacy wanted to take and respond quickly to any suggestion received by members through exclusive solutions common interest.
The topics of the newsletter "Transponder World" includes, in fact, in common requests received from associates. The articles are signed by members and it is perceived distinctly his standard presentation of new liveries in transit to Malpensa, Linate and Orio al Serio airports and other news in general or on our other flag, technical articles, General aviation culture, contacts with members and bi-monthly program of events planned to Malpensa.
Thanks to the availability of the Airport Authorities, it was possible to make and consolidate activities in Clipper airport of Malpensa and Linate.
Alitalia, Air Europe, Swissair, KLM, SriLankan, Gulf Air have shown extreme sensitivity in welcoming visiting in their planes.
Each year, members are given certificates of merit to our members that during the fiscal year have distinguished themselves in readiness, creativity, generosity and competence.
At present the Association "Clipper" has a stable head office at the City of Ferno, inaugurated on March 30 2007.
Now the group is the only kind in Italy to actively promote a culture of disclosure of commercial aviation. In this program together the most diverse interests, both on hobby that purely technical, or even purely photographic.
For now the association has about 140 members and difficult, with media present, you may decide to increase the total number. We prefer to apply a fair rotation in visits, at least for now, pending structures or most appropriate means and, given our current possibilities, depending on the quality of services offered and seats available in the surveys, we prefer to please all and wait for better times.